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Alternative Christmas Market - Dec 7 and 8, 2019

If you are concerned about the environment and global climate change, about how to celebrate the holidays without adding to the landfill, breaking your budget, or just adding more stuff to already full lives, then you are one who thinks globally and acts locally.  And that makes you someone who will appreciate the annual Alternative Christmas Market. 

Sustainable Tallahassee's Community Carbon Fund was one of over 30 non-profit organizations participating in this year's Alternative Christmas Market. This event offers an alternative to the consumable oriented holiday season.  It was held on December 7 and 8 at John Wesley United Methodist Church, and it was our eighth year to participate.

Gail Hankinson and Debbie Gibson speaking with visitors

Here's how it works:

Visitors at the Market make donations to a charitable organization of their choice in the name of a gift recipient, and they receive a calligraphied card for their gift recipient.

Those making donations to our Community Carbon fund choose from a variety of dollar amounts sufficient to offset a month of carbon emissions, to plant a tree, to offset a ton of carbon emissions, and more.

Shown here is an example of one of the informative inserts our Community Carbon Fund provides to be given to gift recipients along with the calligraphied gift card.

It's significant to note that dollars donated to the Community Carbon Fund stay in our own community and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our own community.  We are able to show the impact by calculating the CO2 emissions saved and the utility costs reduced.

Funds donated to our Community Carbon Fund have been used during recent years for energy saving retrofits for a number of local non-profit organizations, including several of those that also participate in the Alternative Christmas Market.  Because we strive to leverage donated funds with donated materials and labor, we are able to accomplish more with fewer dollars, often achieving more comprehensive results than could have been achieved with simply a donation made to the recipient non-profit.

Gail Hankinson

This year we have a new Chair of our Community Carbon Fund, Gail Hankinson, who is also an incoming member of Sustainable Tallahassee's Board of Directors beginning in January of 2020.  Thanks to Gail for chairing this very important initiative, and thanks to Debbie Gibson who has chaired our Carbon Fund for several years and who has done a great job of handing the baton to Gail. 

We sincerely appreciate all who made donations to our Community Carbon Fund at this year's Alternative Christmas Market!  

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