It's all about greening your business!


Is it something you look for when choosing where to spend your dollar? When it comes to finding a ‘green’ business, the choice isn’t always so clear.

And it’s not just a challenge for consumers. If a business owner wants to ‘go green’ and attract eco-conscious consumers, where does one start? Many business owners are already doing their part, but it’s not always apparent to the customer. So then how do consumers ‘filter’ for green businesses in the same way they do to support local establishments?

To help answer these questions Sustainable Tallahassee’s Green Business Committee has developed a Green Business designation - called Green4Tally.  Starting in 2018 with restaurants, we aim to educate, recognize, and promote businesses that adopt sustainable practices in their operations.


How do business owners show the community that they are committed to a ‘greener’ future for Tallahassee?

The first step is taking the Green4Tally Pledge:  “I, [business owner name], pledge to create a greener, more sustainable future for Tallahassee, by ensuring [business name]'s continuing efforts to meet or exceed the Green4Tally guidelines for reducing waste, conserving resources, and educating our employees on sustainable practices.”

This first step shows your customers that you are serious about greening your business. Each pledge comes with a framed copy to display at your business, and your first year’s Sustainable Tallahassee membership fee can be waived  upon request. We’ll also do a walk-through of your business, using the Green4Tally guidelines developed in partnership with Leon County’s Office of Sustainability, to identify opportunities to improve sustainability.


As a business owner, are you ready to be a Green4Tally designated green business?

As a consumer, do you want to know which businesses have a Green4Tally green business designation?

Take the pledge - be a leader among local businesses!

We're here to help with providing resources!

Usually the first Tuesday of each month - Click to check our calendar!

Good for your business - good for your customers - good for our community!

Learn more about Green4Tally and sign up at

Want to get involved?
Become a Green Business Committee member or volunteer!
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Read about our exciting launch of Green4Tally in this February, 2018, article in the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper.

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