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Sustainable Tallahassee’s Renewable Energy Advocacy Committee meeting

  • February 15, 2018
  • 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Sustainable Tallahassee Conference Room, Education Building at First Presbyterian Church, 110 North Adams Street

You are invited to join the discussion to increase renewable energy in our community. We are advocates for clean alternatives to fossil fuels as well as energy efficiency and conservation.

This month's agenda includes:

  1. Climate Action Plan progress with Leon County
  2. Solar Farm(s) by the numbers
  3. What has ST done so far to advocate for customer solar and to end barriers? What more could be done? Are utility rates in Tallahassee too low for solar PV to be cost effective?
  4. Using the next electric rate study to achieve climate action measures
  5. Sustainable Tallahassee and the Renewable Energy Coalition
  6. EV/Plug-in Campaign
  7. Updates from members on their personal 2018 Climate Action Plans

If you have not calculated your carbon footprint (duration one year), now is the time. See Community Carbon Footprint Calculator: https://www.sustainabletallahassee.org/CarbonCalculator.

The Renewable Advocacy Committee of Sustainable Tallahassee meets monthly.  Learn more about this committee HERE.


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