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  • A Magnetic Presentation Sure to Attract – Leon County Library Lecture Series

A Magnetic Presentation Sure to Attract – Leon County Library Lecture Series

  • April 03, 2017
  • 7:00 PM
  • LeRoy Collins Leon County Main Library, 200 W. Park Ave

“Materials, Energy, and Life: Entertaining Aspects of High Magnetic Research”, will be presented by Dr. Greg Boebinger, Professor of Physics and Director of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.  

Dr. Boebinger is a world leader in the study of high magnetic fields.  In his lecture, Dr. Boebinger will give examples of research being conducted and demonstrate levitation using high-temperature superconductors.

Scientists from all over the world visit The MagLab to experiment using magnetic fields more than two million times stronger than earth's own magnetic field. The MagLab is home to dozens of magnets — many of them one-of-a-kind instruments or world-record holders — as well as other types of tools that make our cutting-edge science possible.

This event is the first of Leon County’s Library Lecture Series.  Over the course of the year, citizens will have the opportunity to attend lectures on topics set to engage and inspire - ranging from history and culture to sports and science.

All are free and open to the public.

For more information, contact:
Cay Hohmeister, Director, LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library System, 606-2665
HohmeisterC@LeonCountyFL.gov or
Mathieu Cavell, Leon County Community and Media Relations, (850) 606-5300. cmr@LeonCountyFL.gov .

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