What Is Your Carbon Footprint?


Carbon Footprint Calculator

Use the calculator to estimate the annual or monthly Carbon Footprint of your home or businesses. From a single fill up at the gas station, to a year's worth of driving, the fields on the left translate energy consumed in various forms into carbon dioxide emissions, expressed in pounds and metric tons.
Energy Use
Using your utility bill, enter your home or business energy consumption. Calculations are based on the total energy used regardless of occupancy.
Estimated pounds
of CO2
Equivalent in Metric Tons
Electricity   kWh lbs   tCO2
Natural Gas   ccf lbs   tCO2
Propane   gal lbs   tCO2
Wood   cord lbs   tCO2

Ground Travel
Enter fuel consumed, calculations are based on emissions
of the vehicle no matter how many passengers.


miles driven / mpg = gal
If you are not sure of your fuel consumption, enter distance traveled and
miles per gallon above, then take result and enter that amount below.

Estimated pounds
of CO2
Equivalent in Metric Tons
Gasoline   gal lbs   tCO2
Diesel   gal lbs   tCO2
Bio-Diesel   gal lbs   tCO2
CNG   gal lbs   tCO2

Air Travel
Enter the number of trips, calculations are based on round trip travel originating in Tallahassee for a single passenger in coach.

Estimated pounds
of CO2
Equivalent in Metric Tons
Short Trip     lbs   tCO2
Medium Trip     lbs   tCO2
Long Trip     lbs   tCO2
Europe Trip     lbs   tCO2
Asia Trip     lbs   tCO2

Your Carbon Footprint
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To reduce our community's carbon footprint by contributing to the
Sustainable Tallahassee Community Carbon Fund, click Next.


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