Why Water Matters

Water is a precious resource – only a limited amount of water is available on our planet and available for human use. Current consumption of water exceeds the rate at which it is replaced in sensitive natural ecosystems. Water pumping, delivery, and treatment consume a significant amount of energy.

Simple measures can help to control this waste of resources – preventing water pollution, controlling stormwater, reusing water and implementing wastewater technologies, reducing potable water use in buildings, and utilizing water-efficient landscaping.

Florida Waters: Fountains of Youth of Fountains of Yuk?
is a very enlightening article by Linda Young, published in the Florida Clean Water Network on February 13, 2015. An excerpt:

“Florida has experienced exponential growth over the past 50+ years, with very little forethought about how the state would look with an additional 15 million residents and some 80 million annual visitors…. One of the first questions that should have been asked was where will the water for such a population surge come from and what will we do with the sewage from all these people?“

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