Sustainable Neighborhood of the Year award

Do you love your neighborhood?  

Are you and your neighbors working hard to balance environmental, social, and economic opportunities to improve your residents’ quality of life?

Inspire your neighborhood to compete for a "Sustainable Neighborhood of the Year" award!  It's an award that Sustainable Tallahassee is giving as part of the Tallahassee/Leon County CONA Neighborhood of the Year recognition program.   

Getting your neighbors together to become more sustainable as individuals and as a neighborhood can be both fun and informative - and you'll be shaping a greener community! 

And because we want every neighborhood to be a winner, we'll provide you with all the resources you need!

Resources for Your Neighborhood!

Check out our Resources pages for tips and sustainable practices you and your neighbors can adopt to become a winning team.

Check out our EcoTeams pages which contain suggestions on how to get neighbors together to learn and share about sustainability.  You'll find lots of resources, videos, and links for information and activities.

Ask us to provide a speaker for your neighborhood meeting for a formal - or informal - program on a variety of sustainability topics.  Lawn care, reducing the use of throw-away plastics, recycling, transportation, energy, community gardens - you name it!  Contact us at

Find the "Sustainable Neighborhood of the Year" criteria and application HERE.

Learn the details of the overall 2018 "CONA Neighborhood of the Year" program HERE.  There is also a Press Release announcement of this year's recognition program that is available for reading.

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