SUPER R's Committee: REFUSE, Reduce, REPURPOSE, Reuse, Recycle


Waste Stewardship - collaborate and educate to minimize solid waste disposal through prevention and reduction while increasing reuse and recycling.

The Recycling Committee was Sustainable Tallahassee's first active committee.  It's earliest achievement was a program called iRecycle that was rolled out in Leon County Schools in August 2007.  

Then, in 2009,  the concept for The Sharing Tree  was created in this committee and was brought to fruition the following year as a collaboration among Sustainable Tallahassee, Leon County, Leon County Schools, and Goodwill.  

Recognizing that recycling is the last in a chain of steps to reduce what goes into our landfills and waterways, over time the name and focus of the committee has been changed to the Super Rs Committee (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle).

A significant initiative of the Super Rs committee is a reduction in single-use plastics in our community, and we have created initiatives to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags, plastic  bottled water, and plastic straws. 

Our Rags 2 Bags program is an example:  volunteers make shopping bags from donated fabric and give away the bags at community events - each containing a message about sustainability.  Find out more about this project and our Rags 2 Bags team HERE.

Our "Kick Bottled Water" project has involved strong efforts to bring attention and challenge people to change behaviors, by publishing articles in the Tallahassee Democrat, creating a Pledge to Kick Bottled Water, and creating a Water Bottle Monster to showcase our efforts at public festivals and other events. 

This committee also coordinates our initiatives to "green" community festivals and events and our "Adopt-a-Street" quarterly clean-ups.

Learn more about our work in these articles and on our website:

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Would you like to work toward meeting the challenges to reduce the throw-aways in our society and community?  Join our Super Rs Committee!  Check our calendar for the next Super Rs meeting or contact our committee chair for details.  


Carrie Litherland

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