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electric bus visits green drinks - august 28, 2013

Our Green Drinks gathering on August 28th was another celebration of sustainability in our community:  Star Metro’s program on the launch of five electric buses in Tallahassee!

Ralph Wilder of Star Metro was our speaker, along with Michael Hennessy of Proterra, the South Carolina company that manufactured the buses. 


We learned that Tallahassee is the first city in Florida and the first in the eastern United States with a fleet of fast-charge all-electric buses.  The buses will fully charge in less than 10 minutes at the charging station located in Steele Plaza, where wireless controls bring the bus into docking position to charge.  This keeps the buses actively on route throughout the day.

 In addition to no CO2 emissions, electric buses offer even more – they are at least 4,000 pounds lighter than diesel buses, their lifespan is estimated to be at least 16 years instead of 12, and maintenance costs will be 29% less per year than diesel buses. Another example where our community is a leader in sustainability – truly an event to celebrate.

A special treat for us at Green Drinks was a ride on a brand new pink-wrapped electric bus and a trip to the charging station to see the whole process - awesome!


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