What is an EcoTeam?

EcoTeams are small groups of people who meet together to learn about sustainability.  There is usually a facilitator and a guidebook.  The group may discuss changes we can make at the individual, local, and greater community levels.  Any neighborhood, faith-based, workplace, friends or other groups can create an EcoTeam or S-Team (sustainability, survival or spiritual team).

What do we do?

Most EcoTeams will meet 4-6 times over a period of two to four months.  Once you get the first meeting and location set up, the group can decide from there.  The core topics we recommend are water, waste, energy, and transportation, with additional topics the group can decide on such as food, consumption, and local resilience.  You may also build in opportunities to meet other sustainability leaders and to attend local discussion panels, workshops and field trips in our community, and we will help to coordinate and support that.  At the end of the core topics discussion, each EcoTeam participant will be recognized for their completion and encouraged to keep the conversation going!

Our goal is to form a supportive peer network for individual, group and community efforts. Together we can work towards social, economic and environmental sustainability -- for ourselves and future generations.  EcoTeams exemplify grassroots sustainability at its best.  

How can I be part of an EcoTeam?

It's easy to get started.  Get a group together and decide a location.  Decide on a facilitator (you don't have to be an expert, you just keep the conversation going), and get the Green Living Handbook at the library, borrow from us, or purchase your own online.  The Library's Traveling Book Club has available The Living Green Handbook as a selection.  On the Library's web site, please select the link, "For the Reader", then Traveling Book Club.  Here's the link: Living Green Handbook Traveling Book Club which provides all the details. We are here to support you!  For more information about joining or forming an EcoTeam, please contact Tom Taylor at or 850-933-9444

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