Waste Module


Overview  (One page overview of solid waste issues in Tallahassee.  Provides basic background for this module)

Agenda (Suggested for your EcoTeam Meeting)

Waste Actions Checklist  (this is a copy of the checklist from the back of the Green Living Handbook to download and write on, perfect if you check out the Handbook from the library)

Leon County Recycling List (Put it on your fridge!) (October, 2013)

Where to Recycle Guide - Tallahassee (Put it on your fridge!) (October, 2013)

Recycling Secrets (FSU Environmental Services Program) (October, 2013)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! The USEPA's website full of all kinds of tips and actions to take.

Tallahassee Recycling Q&A From the City of Tallahassee website.


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