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sustainable tallahassee's fifth year anniversary reception
november 14, 2012

Sustainable Tallahassee’s 5th anniversary celebration was a huge success as a full house of 103 people attended the reception at the Tallahassee Garden Club Center. The speakers were: 

    • Mark O’Bryant, CEO of Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare;
    • Todd Sperry of Oliver Construction; 
    • Nolia Brandt PhD, former Associate Director of the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship at Florida State University's college of Business and President of Brandt Information Services; 
    • Bill Berlow, Policy Coordinator for Leon County Schools; and 
    • Leon County Commissioner Kristen Dozier.  

They participated in a panel discussion led by Stew Parsons, Executive Director of Sustainable Tallahassee, on the founding of Sustainable Tallahassee in 2007. 


The first four were members of Greenovation, one of the original Knight Creative Communities Initiative  (KCCI) teams working on community improvement projects in Tallahassee in 2007. 

Commissioner Dozier was a volunteer whom the others credited with being the driving force behind turning the Greenovation project into Sustainable Tallahassee.  Kristen was Sustainable Tallahassee's first President and remained on the board through 2013.

The panelists’ message to the audience is:

Sustainable Tallahassee has been and continues to be a catalyst for positive changes that are occurring in our community by individuals, businesses and local government.


Following the panel presentation, ST committee chairs gave an update about current initiatives.  Steve Urse described Community Carbon Fund achievements; Tom Taylor discussed EcoTeams, a partnership with the City and County for education/action groups that will start in January; and Paul Hurst gave an update on upcoming recycling improvements for our community.

For more about the origin and achievements of Sustainable Tallahassee, click HERE.


Stew Parsons, Executive Director, led the panel discussion.
The panel left to right: Todd Sperry, Mark O'Bryant, Nolia Brandt, Bill Berlow, and Kristen Dozier.

Bill Below and Debbie Gibson, longtime members

Everyone on Sustainable Tallahassee's board pitched in to make this, the first big event since our inception, a great success, and we made it happen on a shoestring budget - we were still a young organization in 2012.  Individual board members prepared the food, hosted drinks and adult beverages (for a donation), coordinated parking, and handled set-up and clean-up of the facility.  We thank Kokol and Associaties which made a special donation to support this event.

Paul Hurst on upcoming recycling initiatives.

Steve Urse gave an update on the Community Carbon Fund.

Following some organizational challenges in 2011, this event sparked renewed momentum and launched excitement about the impact that Sustainable Tallahassee could have in our community. Indeed, the following year, 2013, brought many many new accolades and "firsts" for Sustainable Tallahassee.  Click "Special Event Blogs" and take a look at the significant happenings in 2013.

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