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Adopt-a-street clean-up, February 15, 2020

Today was the sixth clean-up event of our adopted street, Bronough Street from Seventh Avenue to Carolina, which we started in the summer of 2018.  At each of those clean-up events our terrific teams of volunteers have picked up as many as 12 huge bags of trash and recyclables!  

Many thanks to 14 volunteers who participated in today’s clean-up. With so many participants, our volunteers were able to expand their walk to the surrounding area, including portions of Martin Luther King Blvd, Duval Street, Monroe Street and the connecting side streets.  

Our teams filled 12 bags of trash and 2 bags of recyclables, 14 bags in all - the biggest load to date.  They got it all done in only two hours, and now a greater part of our community is beautiful again.

We appreciate our members who are so good about pitching in when we make the call for volunteers!  They were joined today by several others, including seven volunteers from Waste Pro USA and City Commissioner Curtis Richardson.  It’s sure an eye-opener to experience up close the refuse that gets tossed on our streets.

Members Pam Lutton and Dennis Scott

Special thanks go to our member Joanna Novey who has been leading our program for the past year.

Jennifer Daughtry and member Cindy Cosper

Penny, Heather, Kyle, Kody and Efford,
some of the Waste Pro team

Member Laura Jernigan
and Commissioner Curtis Richardson

Thanks also to the Grove Museum for access to its parking lot and facilities, and especially for permission to place our solid waste in their trash bin (so we didn’t have to put it in our cars!).

Our Adopt-a-Street clean-ups are part of the Keep Tallahassee Beautiful program.

We are keeping street trash out of our stormwater sewer system
and making this part of our community beautiful! 

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