electric vehicle expo - september 14, 2019

Will your next car be a gasoline car - or an electric car? 

On a hot, breezy Saturday we held our second annual Electric Vehicle Expo - an opportunity for the public to see electric vehicles up close and talk to owners about what it's like to purchase and own an EV . 

The Expo was held at the Village Commons Center on Thomasville Road where Fresh Market and Steinmart are located.  This site attracted a large turnout of visitors shopping in the center and traveling along Thomasville Road. 

The Expo was scheduled during National Drive Electric Week.  The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) participated by hosting a "Driving on Sunshine" exhibit, giving participants an opportunity to test drive an electric vehicle.  Overall, SACE/Driving on Sunshine engaged 100 people and gave test drives to 30 people.  They also provided handouts on EV Cost savings, EV Benefits, FAQ, and Driving Down Offshore Oil factsheets. Learn about National Drive Electric Week and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy at these links:

Click to National Drive Electric Week

Click to Clean Energy.org

Many thanks to our EV Expo sponsors:

Notary Public Underwriters
City of Tallahassee
Leon County
Capital Eurocars

We are very appreciative of Kimco Realty for providing use of the shopping center space to host this event.  Thanks also to Fresh Market and to Tortilla Flats for furnishing coffee and trays of snacks and goodies for our volunteers and guests. And special thanks to the City of Tallahassee for providing one of the brand new electric buses in use by Florida State University.

Showing their support for the Expo and the future for electric cars were local officials who attended - Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey, City Commissioner Rick Miner, County Commissioner Kristin Dozier, and County Commissioner Bryan Desloge.

Why do we host an Electric Vehicle Expo?

  • Because fossil fuel emissions are a leading cause of our climate crisis.
  • Because finding electric vehicles in Florida is difficult. 
  • Because Florida dealerships rarely include EV cars in their inventories.

Why are Electric Vehicles difficult to find in Florida?

  • Because our state hasn't adopted strict emissions standards. 
  • Because manufacturers ship EV cars primarily to states with strict emissions standards.

What can we do to make Electric Vehicles more available in Florida?

  • Talk to elected representatives - often!
  • Elect officials who are concerned about the climate crisis and ready to take action.
  • Make your desires known to dealerships and manufacturers.

This venue allowed us to set up next to EV charging stations that are located in this shopping center - Tesla stations and Electrify America stations - an opportunity to demonstrate EV charging and explain the process. 

Much appreciation goes to ST board members Tom Cordi and Jack Diestelhorst for the tremendous number of hours spent planning and executing the event, along with dedicated team members Stev Urse, Leighanne Boone, Rosa Morgan, Stew Parsons, Ed Oaksford, Mike Mitchell, Demian Pasquarelli, Fred Calder, Becky Parsons, Savana Roach, Peggy Sanford, and Ken Hays.  We also owe a debt of gratitude to many outstanding volunteers who were invaluable in helping to make sure all the on-site logistics went smoothly. What it took to make this event a success:  site planning and set-up, media and public relations, sponsorships, PA system, signs, music, tables, tents, water, hosting, insurance, and coordination of exhibited cars and the Star Metro EV bus.  

We hope you'll read Tom Cordi's "Greening Our Community - Tallahassee's Second Annual Electric Vehicle Expo" article, which was published in the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper prior to the event. 

We invite you to check out last year's Electric Vechicle Expo HERE.

 (Photos courtesy of:  Ryann Lynn of Environment Florida, Arnie Rogers, Becky Parsons, and Carl Fuqua)

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