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Greening the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival, April 21-22, 2018

We were back for the third year to "green" the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival. This year the festival occurred on Earth Day (April 22), making it even more meaningful to have this opportunity to interact with and inspire festival goers about the importance to practice sustainability in our everyday lives. 

Jim Davis, our Executive Director, says the LeMoyne festival is like every other Sustainable Tallahassee event - but on steroids.  And it's true that this event requires tons of volunteers and many hours of work to prepare, not to mention being present and fully engaged at the festival for two full days.

We added new interactive activities for this year’s festival.  The additions included corn hole games, a wheel spin to select sustainable activities, and seed bomb giveaways. Our Rags to Bags team enticed festival goers to sew a bag for themselves, and several dozen children and adults braided handles for the bags that the R2B team sewed and gave out.


This year a Plastic Bag Monster joined up with our Water Bottle Monster, engaging the public about the environmental and economic issues with single-use plastics.

The City of Tallahassee’s Water Wagon was again on hand, providing water for refilling bottles, and handing out over 1,000 reusable bottles.  After all the bottles were given out, the city provided cups for water refills. 

Kudos to the food truck vendors for being almost completely compliant with the Styrofoam ban, with only one food truck continuing to use Styrofoam on a limited basis.

The Community Garden Network, part of Sustainable Tallahassee's Food Committee, was joined by extension agents from IFAS/UF Leon County Extension to coach kids and adults in making wildflower seed bombs.  The seed bombs were made with natural air dry clay mixed with seed medium and wildflower seeds.  Once dry they can be placed in any garden area, and nature does the rest.  Sowing perennial wildflowers in every neighborhood not only beautifies Tallahassee, but provides food for our biggest garden helpers.

Jody Wilkof and Lerena Fleck of Green Party Events were again on hand to handle recycling and compost in the VIP tent and the Behind the Scenes Area.

The quilt (shown here with Sue Hansen) was raffled to benefit Sustainable Tallahassee and LeMoyne. It had been donated in pieces and reconstructed by Darlene Wilke, a Rags2Bags volunteer.

We recognized a contributing artist who made art from recycled materials with a  Recycled Art Award. 

We’ll know we’ve succeeded in making local festivals sustainable . . .

  • when everyone brings their own reusable drink bottles, 
  • when food vendors use only compostable or reusable food containers and utensils, and 
  • when all waste is correctly recycled or composted with very little actual trash.  

Slowly and surely, each year more momentum is achieved.  It takes some time to turn a ship, and we’re committed for the long haul.

Check out our involvement in the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festivals for 2016 and 2017. Each year we've built on what we did the year before.  We hope you'll plan to attend this great event in future years.

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