electric vehicle expo - september 15, 2018

Our EV Expo took place during National Drive Electric Week (https://driveelectricweek.org/), a nationwide organization that promotes plug-in vehicles and networks EV Expos in major cities throughout the country. 

Hundreds of visitors came to interact with over 40 electric car owners and several dealerships that were on hand to display their cars in the shaded parking area of Saint Paul’s Methodist Church at Lake Ella.  The camaraderie among the electric vehicle owners was, well, electric!

Many thanks to our EV Expo sponsors:

City of Tallahassee
Capital Eurocars
Capital City Mitsubishi
Great Bicycle Shop
Ed and Linda Oaksford
Steve Urse

Visitors were excited to learn how electric cars work, how they are charged, the range, the features, the availability. 

Just think – no oil changes, no radiators, no gas fill-ups, no spark plugs, no tailpipes – just . . . quiet. 

And, boy they are the zippiest of rides!

This event was conceived in our Renewable Energy Advocacy committee.  The terrific team of planners and coordinators included Rosa Morgan, Steve Urse, Jack Diestelhorst, Savana Roach, Tom Cordi, Ed Oaksford, Mike Mitchell, Cara Fleischer, and Nelson Simmons, along with many others who helped with behind-the-scenes logistics and hosting.

We sincerely appreciate the local dealerships who sponsored our event – they understand the future and they understand the demand!

We regret that not many dealers in our region carry an inventory of EV cars, and the few that do have limited choices, requiring wait times for desired features or colors.  In fact, the majority of EV cars displayed at the Expo were purchased at out of town, or out of state, dealerships.

This event told us that people in this community are hungry for electric cars.  We know first-hand of several who purchased electric cars after attending.

Dealerships, we hope you are listening!

Because we'll be back in 2019 with another Expo!

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