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Greening the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival, April 15-15, 2017

This year was our second year to "green" the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival. We added on to everything we did last year - and this year we accomplished even more!   

Back this year was our Rags2Bags team, sewing and donating reusable shopping bags, and engaging festival goers to stop and stitch with them.

Our Water Bottle Monster was again in rare form, continuously making the rounds of the entire three-block festival, interacting with people about why  bottled water is bad for the environment, bad for our pocketbooks, and not necessarily healthier.

And again we were fortunate to have Jodi Wilkof and Lerena Fleck of Green Party Events support the "greening" of the event by providing education, recycling, and composting in the artist hosting area.


In our first year, we had discovered there were no water fountains in the entire three-block park area of the festival, making it necessary for food vendors to sell an enormous amount of bottled water.

Responding to this issue and our appeals, Dave Roberts, who manages the city's water operations, made a portable Water Wagon, hosted it at the festival, and gave away over 1,000 city reusable water bottles!  The Water Wagon hooks up to city water sources in public areas, allowing citizens to refill their reusable water bottles at local community events.  

          The Water Bottle Monster encounters the City's Water Wagon!

One of our most popular activities was this interactive three-sided chalkboard.

We invited kids to write comments
"To help make
a positive impact
on our environment,
I will  . . ." 

Check out some of their insightful messages!

We are indebted to our many volunteers and our dedicated interns who made the greening of this major event such a success!  

Our Rags2Bags team worked hard all weekend - and loved every minute!

Our "greening" focus gave Sustainable Tallahassee some great publicity, particularly with a prominent article in our local newspaper, The Tallahassee Democrat.

Never too young to learn!

Selecting the perfect reusable bag - very important!

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