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Alternative Christmas Market - Dec 5-6 and 11-12, 2015

This year was the fourth year for our Community Carbon Fund to participate in the Alternative Christmas Market at John Wesley United Methodist Church, held on December 5 and 6.  We also participated in the Alternative Christmas Market at Christ Presbyterian Church on December 11 and 12.  

A huge milestone for the Alternative Christmas Market at John Wesley was reached this year:  This year the Market's lifetime goal of raising $1 million was achieved - and exceeded!

The Market is an alternative to the over-commercialization of Christmas gift giving and a fund raiser for non-profit organizations that serve people in need:  

"In honor of one who has enough, a gift is given to those who have too little."

Special credit is due to Debbie Gibson, who is one of the three original organizers of the Alternative Christmas Market and has been a leader of the event for the past 29 years! Debbie is also the chair of our Community Carbon Fund committee, and she organized Sustainable Tallahassee’s participation and worked hard on behalf of the Community Carbon Fund. 

For more about the Alternative Christmas Market and our participation, click HERE and read our "Greening Our Community" article published in the Tallahassee Democrat, and click HERE to learn about the projects that have been funded by our Community Carbon Fund. 

Anthony Gaudio, Bob Henderson, Becky Parsons, Jim Davis, & Tom Montalbano volunteering


       Volunteers Anthony Gaudio and Rosa Morgan                                 Debbie Gibson explains the Community Carbon Fund

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