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Community Carbon Fund’s Gift of 110 Live Oak Trees for Arbor Day January 25, 2014

Sustainable Tallahassee’s Community Carbon Fund honored our community by donating 110 live oak trees for planting in the J.R. Alford Greenway on Arbor Day, January 25, 2014.  The trees form a colonnade leading toward Lake Lafayette and were planted by volunteers at our community’s Arbor Day event. 

In spite of the cold morning so many volunteers came out that the trees were planted in less than an hour!  The City and County made it possible by preparing the area with partially dug holes, a pre-installed drip irrigation system, and good instructions.

Thanks to Bob Henderson, ST Board Member and member of the Community Carbon Fund committee, for spearheading this initiative.

Other projects by our Community Carbon Fund have been to reduce carbon emissions, but it’s also necessary to capture and remove the carbon we emit.  Trees are the major source for this carbon 352 sequestration, and a single tree can sequester a metric ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.  

Of course, we love the many other benefits of trees – beauty, shade, wildlife habitat, erosion control - and our grandchildren and future generations will enjoy those benefits for hundreds of years, in addition to the sequestration of carbon.

It was a wonderful celebration for our community and the environment, made even better because it was shared by the City, the County, Sustainable Tallahassee’s Community Carbon Fund, and by the public who volunteered.


Executive discussion of proper tree depth!  Mike Brezin, Anthony Gaudio, and Stew Parsons.



Job done!  Mike Brezin, Ken Goldberg, Steven Service, Ann Bidlingmaier, & Stew Parsons


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