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Next Green Drinks is

June 26, 2017 

green drinks in June is at a different location!

We'll be gathering at Waterworks this month for Green Drinks, as our usual venue has a conflict for June 26,  

Waterworks is in Midtown on Thomasville Road. See you there!!  

We’re Asking for your input . . .

Will you please take a survey at

This survey is your opportunity to let city leadership know what kind of transportation and land use future you want for Tallahassee.  It’s a special request from our Alternative Transportation Committee.

The Comprehensive Plan Update Project is an effort to update the public policy related to land use and transportation in our community. This public policy addresses how and where development occurs, how natural resources are preserved and protected, and how places are connected together with roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, and trails. Other portions of the comprehensive plan will be updated in the future.

Responses to the survey questions will provide the foundation for the comprehensive plan vision. They will also form goals, objectives, and policies regarding transportation and land use. More public involvement will occur as the project progresses.  You can make a difference!

And that’s why we’re asking you to click

City of Tallahassee’s Solar Farm Groundbreaking Event

Remember when we first began talking with our City about solar? It all started in 2013!  And today we’re very proud of our City’s progress and solid commitment to solar. 

This is a major milestone, and we had a great turnout of Sustainable Tallahassee members at the groundbreaking celebration on Tuesday, May 30.  Congratulations to the City, to Sustainable Tallahassee, League of Women Voters, and ReThink Energy Florida for this accomplishment!

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Upcoming Sustainability Events

Check our Calendar for more upcoming events!

'Tis The Season When Invasive Plants Take Over . . . . 

How do we know if a plant in our yard – or a plant we consider purchasing – is invasive?  Read “Know How to Choose Florida-Friendly Plants” by Mark Tancig, Extension Agent with UF/IFAS Leon County  Extension.   He gives us a resource for finding out about safe and invasive plants for every area in the state.

Here's an invasive we need to watch for:  Coral Ardisia is a very striking and  beautiful plant with red berries and dark evergreen leaves.  It's prevalent in our area - spreads rapidly and will choke out native plants, as you can see in this photo.

Carefully remove berries, bag them, and dispose in trash can, not in your yard compost.  Then dig up the plant's long root, bag it, and dispose in trash can.   

We see Coral Ardisia popping up everywhere, so please educate your friends and neighbors!

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