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November 26, 2018 

"At present, too ignorant to know how ignorant we are, we believe that we are free to impose our will upon the land with the utmost power and speed to gain the largest profit in the shortest time, and we believe that there are no penalties for this."

  By Wendell Berry

Now through mid-November

An easy way to support Sustainable Tallahassee this quarter!

Always keep a reusable shopping bag and water bottle handy!

Find out your Carbon Footprint
Let's reduce how much we emit!

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Upcoming Sustainability Events

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Sustainable Tallahassee is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting
Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustainability
in our Tallahassee regional area through
Education and Collaboration.

We are especially focused on how sustainability impacts, and is impacted by,
Energy, Transportation, Water, Waste, and Local Food
- - for Today and for Future Generations - - 

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