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Sustainable Tallahassee is dedicated to promoting environmental, economic, and social sustainability through education and collaboration.  Our work was initiated by a grant from the Knight Foundation, and is continued by membership dues, renewals, and private donations.

* Mark your calendar! * * Our Next Green Drinks * * April 30, 2014 *

Earth Day is April 22!

Earth Day began on April 22, 1970 and is considered the birth of the modern environmental movement.  It was an initiative that led to the bi-partisan creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. 

On this year’s Earth Day, let us recall the past 44 years of environmental awareness and recognize that what is ahead for our environment is even more critical and more urgent than in the past.  We are all individually and collectively responsible now for what will happen with the environment and quality of life over the next many generations. 

Let us empower ourselves to make a positive difference - starting today!

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You Need to Know Kim Ross

Kim Ross is a local hero for creating awareness and influencing people in our community about renewable energy and sustainability.  And now that she has been named one of the Tallahassee Democrat's 2014 “25 Women You Need to Know” her range of recognition and ability to influence are even wider.  We at Sustainable Tallahassee are honored that Kim is “one of us” and proud that she is a tremendous voice for advocacy!

Kim’s nonprofit organization ReThink Energy Florida is now spreading the word not just locally, but statewide. Check out ReThink Energy's website for her initiatives in legislative advocacy on energy issues, her annual summer Energy Camp for children, periodic workshops, opportunities for internships, and the annual Energy Ball fundraiser that will be on June 20 this year.

Kim is also a principal in EarthSTEPS (Smart Technology for Energy Production and Savings), an environmental consulting firm that provides energy analysis and resources, both locally and beyond.  As part of EarthSTEPS, she serves as a project manager for the city of Tallahassee’s 'PeakSmart’ Demand-Side Management Program. 

Please join us in congratulating Kim for this recognition and thanking her for her amazing efforts and dedication to promoting awareness of the dangers of fossil fuels and the need for a renewable energy policy in Florida.

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TUESDAYS in MAY - Build Your Sustainable Community:
All About Living Sustainably

Come and spend four Tuesday evenings in May discussing and learning how to live a more sustainable life – it will prepare us for a great summer and a greater future!

Each Tuesday we will explore issues as they relate to our choices and solutions for a more sustainable community. This will be an open discussion with plenty of questions and possible solutions.  You can come to some or all of the sessions.

This series is an EcoTeams Initiative and is brought to you by Sustainable Tallahassee, the City of Tallahassee, and Leon County.  Details are on our calendar.

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Leon County Presents “Good Plant, Bad Plant” Workshops

Invasive plants are out to damage your yard and our environment. Learn how to apprehend and quash these intruders so that you may replace them with beneficial plants, at Leon County’s Sustainable Community Matters program, entitled “Good Plant, Bad Plant.”   This program is presented twice – on April 15 and April 26 at a local library near you!

Coral ardisia – beautiful but bad – is taking over and displacing native plants.

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Back by Popular Demand: Local Seasonal Foods
by Anthony Gaudio, Sustainable Tallahassee's President

“I had a second late winter harvest of Swiss Chard this year. This is my go-to recipe for all greens including Kale and Collards. This is sort of like a hybrid between steaming and sautéing with little loss of flavor or nutrients.  

I also love to prepare late winter Brussels sprouts in this simple and quick way - roasted with garlic.

If you have a favorite seasonal recipe that you would like to see used in our seasonal foods series, email me at”

                                                                      Anthony Gaudio

Click HERE for Anthony’s recipe for Swiss Chard and HERE for his Roasted Brussels sprouts. You'll find all the recipes Anthony has posted on his page Anthony’s Seasonal Foods.

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Freeze Your Compost!

This month’s sustainability tip is from Rachel Fry who tells us that freezing our compost is a good idea: 

  • For those nights you are cooking dinner and you just don’t want to walk outside
  • When it’s raining and you aren't in the mood to brace the weather
  • When your house is starting to smell more like rotting food and fruit flies are flitting
           from your already established indoor compost container
  • When you can’t find a sufficient container to store your compost inside
           (and ultimately are not composting because of this), or
  • When you are just plain tired!

When Rachel is cutting vegetables and preparing dinner, she keeps handy a large yogurt container to temporarily store the food scraps in the freezer.  Then on the weekend when the sun is shining she takes the frozen scraps to her outside compost pile. 

It’s simple, easy, and sanitary since you're keeping the scraps in a lid-tight container in the freezer.  Thanks Rachel!

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Floridians’ Clean Water Declaration Campaign

Sustainable Tallahassee has signed the Floridians’ Clean Water Declaration because we value our waters and know that water is our state’s most precious - and most vulnerable - resource. 


The Floridians’ Clean Water Declaration Campaign is a . . .“collaborative effort driven by dozens of civic and environmental organizations from around the state. We are coming together to create a force for change – a change in the water policies of the state of Florida. By sharing ideas and resources across stakeholder lines and watersheds, we will be stronger – stronger together to command our right to clean water.”

Both organizations and individuals can sign the declaration.  Clean water is essential for our health, our environment, our economy, 
our children - for us all and our future.  For more information:

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From "Science is Awesome", August, 2013

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